Jason Adamchak is a true music industry visionary. His passion goes well beyond the status quo and constantly adapts to the shifts in the scene. Over a decade of work stemming from marketing, public relations, advertising, social media management, branding, crisis management, and of course, published writing. Some national coverage and direct partnerships in the past have included but are not limited to Miami Music Week, Insomniac Events, Sunset Events, and Disco Donnie Events. His most recent project is working closely with Imagine Music Festival, Iris Presents, and Believe Music Hall. His mission is to tell a story, and he believes there is only one life, one beat, so make sure it counts. 

This agency is unlike anything the music industry has seen before because it truly is for the people and artists. Barriers will be tested and broken down because Jason cares about the music industry’s happiness, culture and mental health for listeners and guests. The world has seen unprecedented times, and now more than ever, the world needs live music and human interaction. His mission is to restore balance and safety to share his journey and success along the way with other talent and everyone else who chooses to be a part of his life.

Jason has experienced firsthand what the music industry can do to people, good and bad, and he is here to help guide and move you, your music, and your brand in the correct direction. He believes that we are all fighting for the same aspirations in life and will never give up on our dreams and passions. You read that right, our goals because we are all in this game of so-called life together, and we are better together. Music is what unites everyone on the planet, and he believes your sound and talent deserve to be heard and seen. 

our mission

Our mission is to redefine the music industry by showcasing talents from all walks of life while breaking the industry stigma surrounding mental health at the same time. 

Our Philosophy & Vision

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our values