Suggested Packages

We offer three already custom-built packages to cater to audiences to meet specific milestones in an artist’s development. The single drop circles around more when you have an upcoming track release, and you want to make some noise and attract attention during the release. The album drop, you guessed it, is focused on when you have either an album or an upcoming EP about to be released and need to drum up the online traffic. The career creator is for when you are ready to make that leap of faith and invest in yourself, your MUSIC, and YOUR VISION. 
*Please note that you do not need to be anywhere specific in your artist career to be eligible for any of the custom-built packages. Scroll down to also create your package.

The Single Drop


The Album Drop


The Career Creator




1x Jason Adamchak!

*Travel and hotel accommodations must be included

Book Jason to accompany you on tour or show and act as your media liaisons as you bring your music to the masses. He will act as your press contact, control all your socials, and act as a point of contact for anyone who wants to correspond with you. You will reserve Jason for the whole agreed-upon time with no other distractions, and he’ll sort out all the logistics you encounter on the road.

Build Your Own Package

Imagine this kind of like a pizza menu!
Everyone who orders a pizza pays a standard fee for the base. This “base” for you is your initial consultation fee, which is FREE, so head over to the contact tab now to book. Then, you will choose your “toppings,” which will be our services. These break down into three color-coded categories and are priced differently in sections. You may want three weeks of content, two press releases, and a strategy meeting. Then you would choose three units from tier 1, two units from tier 2, and one unit from tier 3. You are the front seat driver to your success, so create the perfect package best for you and your budget.

Pink Tier

$100 per item

Yellow Tier


Blue Tier

$200 per item

Additional Services


Social Media Marketing


Creative Writing



Crisis Management

Influencer Marketing

PR + Media Relations

Artist Development